Smoking Cessation Programs


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HYPNOSIS is over 90.6% more effective than patches & drug based products


Smoking Cessation Programs

Who Tells You That Cigarettes Are Addictive? 

I’m not here to say that cigarettes are or are not addictive, but I do want to have a conversation with you about your believing that you are addicted. By keeping an open mind about cigarettes, consider your mind is like a parachute—it only works when it’s open.    At New Optimal Wellness, we can you help you live a smoke FREE life.

The great benefit about using hypnosis method of stopping smoking is that it really gives you the power and control to stop yourself. And its much easier.


Congratulations, you have taken the first step to changing your ‘auto-pilot mode of self-destructive patterns. Our Hypnosis programs allow you to access your subconscious and limiting beliefs of smoking giving you control permanently. This is the power of hypnosis, giving you the power to master your own mind



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  • Breath better
  • Sleep better
  • Food taste better
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Look and feel great


Hypnosis allows you to utilize the power of your mind. Please contact us with any questions about stopping smoking using hypnosis or to request a free consultation valued at $147 etc. You can book week days, early evenings or Saturday afternoon – duration 60 minutes


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