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Just imagine YOUR benefits releasing  Your excess pounds:


  1. Begin to melt away without even thinking about them
  2. Your clothes are looser within days.
  3. You are fully satisfied even with meals a little smaller.
  4. You automatically eat more fruits and vegetables.
  5. You diffuse stress habitually and automatically.
  6. Your food cravings disappear without conscious effort.
  7. Your self-confidence skyrockets.
  8. You experience a new sense of freedom and control.
  9. You use your joyous thoughts to attract your perfect body.
  10. You get your day off to a great start with a 5-minute morning meditation.
  11. Your evening meditation instructs your mind while you sleep .
  12. You switch off all your weight sabotaging programs.
  13. You are at peace in your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.
  14. You master the mental techniques to keep yourself slim for life.
  15. Your positive thinking has the Law of Attraction delivering what you desire.


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jan baron virtual mental gastric band


The  “Gastric Mind Band” process developed in Spain, uses hypnosis to trick your mind into believing that you had surgery and a physical gastric band is in place around your stomach.

In contrast, I use the Tooley Mental Gastric Band® developed in California, is totally free from even the thought of surgery and is less expensive.  Instead of the memory of surgery, the Tooley method uses a squeezing response of your own stomach wall muscles when triggered to contract by hypnotic suggestion. 

The contraction or squeezing of a narrow band of muscles creates the sensation of a small upper stomach like the surgical gastric band creates. You are satisfied with a small quantity of food, and so eat less and begin to release excess pounds.


Turn Off Food Cravings

One of the guided imagery processes used lead you into your own body’s control center where you turn down (or off, if you want) your preference (or even craving) for a particular less healthful food.  The results are quick and dramatic!

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What does the Mental Gastric Band do to the stomach physically?

The weight reduction is based on a smaller stomach pouch at the top of the larger stomach, just as in a physical lap-band.  The narrowing constriction is caused not by a surgically implanted band, nor by imagining such a band under hypnosis.  Instead the narrowing is caused by a deliberate and focused squeezing of a band of stomach wall muscles during a hypnotic process.

Does the stomach actually narrow, or does the individual just BELIEVE it narrowed?  For the first years of using this procedure, I had no physical proof that the stomach actually narrowed.  It certainly had that effect because those who installed the  Mental Gastric Band Belt that there stomach was squeezed, were unable to eat large portions, and lost weight.


Hypnosis allows you to utilize the power of your mind to combat and stop bad habits for good. Please contact us with any questions about virtual gastric band hypnosis or to request a free consultation valued at $147. You can book week days, early evenings or Saturday afternoon – duration 60 minutes


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